At the polls, a party runs the risk of disappearing. Ghisleri: cannibalized by Schlein

At the polls, a party runs the risk of disappearing.  Ghisleri: cannibalized by Schlein

Elly Schlein at the head of the Democratic Party is undoubtedly the most relevant political novelty of recent weeks and the first effects of her election to the Democratic Party secretariat appear in political polls. Alessandra Ghisleri, director of Euromedia Research, highlights them when commenting on yesterday’s question period in the Chamber with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni from the duel between the two women that inevitably overshadowed the other oppositionists.

Meloni and Schlein “demonstrated in yesterday’s debate that attention is being created in two poles” and left parties “must fear Schlein because he is cannibalizing their votes, at least in the first days”, says Ghisleri, guest of Myrta Merlino at the L The air is blowing, at La7. According to the latest Euromedia poll, the alliance between the Italian left and the Greens is around 2.5 percent “and has lost a percentage point in favor of the Democratic Party”.

But if the left cries, the 5 Star Movement does not laugh. “Giuseppe Conte himself, which reached 15 percent and is always falling these days”, while the dem “rose to 20.3”, explains Ghisleri. Schlein’s novelty is “important”, underlines the researcher, but to understand what will happen in the opposition, and how much electorate it will be able to move, we will have to wait.

However, the move to nominate his primary opponent, Stefano Bonaccini, chairman of the Democratic Party was “considered very good by his electorate”. Outside the dem galaxy, points out the researcher, “this confrontation between two women”, Schlein and Meloni, “is very good because the political debate is returning to a bipolar system. Yesterday there was no mention of Conte” for the minimum wage, the central theme of the 5Stelle “stolen” by the new secretary of the dem.

Source: IL Tempo