Kaag: Voters more dissatisfied with nitrogen, still cake in House of Representatives

“More than that, voters are more dissatisfied with nitrogen,” says D66 boss Kaag. He wants to properly analyze the election results, but believes the cabinet must first have the courage to continue to rule.

Addressing his party’s faction in the House of Representatives, Kaag said that although his party lost some, he was quite happy with the result. “We took the wind from the right and left. And this is at a very difficult time for a country that is making complex decisions.”

He cannot yet say what the election result means for the cabinet’s future. “I haven’t been able to gather any brainpower for this since last night,” Kaag said. “The cabin is there until you leave.”

Important financial decisions will have to be made in the coming weeks for this and next year’s budget. “There are still very tough discussions in the cabinet on this issue,” he expects.

block laws

Party leader Klaver explained at the joint parliamentary caucus meeting that GroenLinks and PvdA do not want to make things easy for the cabinet. “We will block the laws when necessary,” he said. The deputies ate the cake with the picture of Klaver, Kuiken and Senate leaders Vos and Rosenmöller. They can grow as big as BBB winners in the Senate.

Volt boss Dassen also sets the conditions for a constructive attitude in his party. It’s about tackling the climate crisis, water quality and more housing. He also says that agriculture must have “a way of involving nature.”

Another supporter of the quick approach to the nitrogen problem is the Party for the Animals. Party leader Ouwehand reiterated that the cabinet’s nitrogen plans had not gone far enough. According to him, the BBB’s great electoral victory is mainly due to the failure of parties such as the VVD and CDA, and delaying the election for too long by its very nature. “This was also a huge disadvantage for the farmers.”

“complete bullshit”

The big winner of the election, BBB, organized a brunch meeting in Deventer. There, party leader Van der Plas reiterated that the cabinet really needed to change course. “We need to talk soon,” he texted Prime Minister Rutte yesterday.

He calls Nitrogen Minister Van der Wal’s statement that the policy will continue “total nonsense”. Van der Plas: “Everything can be changed if you really want it.”

Normally, all groups meet in the House of Representatives after the election. There are cakes and cheers at the winners or at the parties that see themselves that way. The losers think ‘what will happen now’. Many factions are bypassing this tradition today.

The JA21 board met this morning in Den Bosch. The ruling parties VVD and CU have no group meetings. Same goes for SP. The CDA will meet digitally and party members will visit their district departments.

“A Great Abyss”

CDA Minister Hoekstra was supposed to be in Parliament for a debate. For him, the hangover outweighs the bad outcome that his party has halved in many federal states. “The disappointment is huge. People were very disappointed.”

When asked if he still thought he was the right man to lead the CDA, he did not answer. The politicians in The Hague, including us, do not understand enough what is going on in our country. There is a big gap, we should all take that into account.”

The ruling parties usually hold party consultations with ministers and MPs from parliamentary groups on Thursday evenings. The election result and its results are expected to be discussed for a long time.

Source: NOS