Elly Schlein, your priorities are not the same as those who would vote for you. The search


The path of reconstruction of the Democratic Party’s political proposal continues to pass through the square. After the “anti-fascist” initiative in Florence, today there will be a demonstration in Milan in favor of registering the children of homosexual couples. The mobilization was born after the parade on the subject contested by the Mayor to the Mayor of the Milanese city Beppe Sala. In reality, this type of act, in the absence of a law, does not fall within the functions of the First Citizens, and must be submitted to the scrutiny of the judge who then pronounces on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the prevalence of the minor’s interest.

The issue of LGBT parents also came up this week from another angle: the “no”, ratified by the center-right majority through a resolution, to the hypothesis of an EU regulation on cross-border parenting. According to this law, which has not yet been passed, if you are a father in one EU country, you are a father in all the others. Peaceful, you might say. Were it not for the fact that it could offer a way around Italy’s ban on the use of surrogacy. Or even to legitimize “new” future forms of parenting, such as multiple parenting (a child with three parents, for example), which is already spoken, for example, in the Netherlands. Therefore, the issue is Voters The percentage of dem and M5S voters who believe that strengthening health should be a priority in political action is very complex and the center-left, in recent days, has resorted to a certain moralistic rhetoric when pointing to the government as an “enemy of children”.

Today, the new secretary of the PD, Elly Schlein, will be in Milan (where representatives of all the center-left parties will be), in this event that will also be attended by a good amount of VIPs and civil society in several sensitive functions to the demands of the rainbow. And yet, as far as the Democratic Party’s moves are concerned, there is a risk of a misalignment with the expectations of its voters.

See a survey conducted by the company Izi, and published in República. With a question addressed to the voters of the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement (even the pentastellato electorate, in fact, represents a quota on which the new secretariat wants to exert an attraction). The question essentially consisted of which issue is considered a priority for Schlein’s leadership. Well, here is the result regarding cutting-edge topics, that is, included, on an evaluation scale that starts from 1, between 7 and 10. In first place, with 85.7% of the votes, we find Strengthening public health . Then, “a strong initiative to defend wages”, with 84.7% and the minimum wage, with 83.4%, followed by “limits to precariousness” with 79.6%. Therefore, these are themes that indicate the importance of a platform aimed, in addition to health protection, at employment. Well, along the scale of themes, you have to go down a lot to find instances of the rainbow world. In fact, in fifteenth place we find “equal marriage”, invoked by 62.8% of respondents, and in sixteenth place LGBT+ rights, with 62.4%. Many positions higher, say, we find “the beginning of a peace process in Ukraine”: ninth place. The rainbow theme must therefore be alien to the Pd platform? Certainly not, but an exaggeration of tone risks disappointing the expectations of an electorate that asks to focus attention elsewhere.

Source: IL Tempo


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