No ceasefire between Landini and Meloni: “CGIL is ready to strike”


I wonder if the memes that have been circulating lately have hardened the tone showing, on one side, prime minister Giorgia Meloni smiling on the CGIL stage, above the wave of French citizens called to appeal against reform by transalpine unions. Pensions of Emmanuel Macron. The fact is that on the closing day of the nineteenth CGIL congress, its secretary general, Maurizio Landini, returned to attack the government: “Meloni approved the election, which we did not share and did not discuss with us, especially as regards the tax officer” . For this, Landini said, “we need to launch a mobilization that does not exclude any avenue, including a strike if necessary.”

Meloni’s speech at the CGIL congress yesterday was described as “historic” by the prime minister himself and some media outlets. No prime minister of a centre-right government had ever attended the congress of the main Italian union. Except for a few clashes, the FdI leader’s visit was met with (shy) applause from the audience. This exposed on social media the irony of those who pitted the “government” CGIL against the “fighting” unions that forced France to set fire to and put the sword to the sword.

“This government is telling you ‘you are important,’ but it also says it can do without us – we will show the opposite not by words but by the actions of the majority of workers,” Landini said today. There is a very deep, very consistent difference with Meloni. There is no room for discussion for the whole Italian unity, if necessary we must launch a mobilization that does not exclude any means, including a strike. We want to do this with Cisl and Uil, we will meet with them, we already have a meeting scheduled for next week.”

Returning to his prime minister speech yesterday, Landini admitted that “he finds it important that the Prime Minister condemns the attack on our office due to attacks by far-right forces”. October 2021 in Rome. “Meloni said that we should fight together to reject violence – I totally agree because if terrorism in our country was defeated by the labor movement, the trade union movement, but here very much if it really wants to condemn the Action, then enforce the Constitution, this Assembly is doing its part, the forces referring to fascism It is liquidating it, an action that will say much more than many explanations that can be made, and that will put the Constitution at its center”.

And again: “Meloni remembered that yesterday was the day of national unity. Thank you because it’s an important value. On the 21st… Because there is a contradiction: how do you vote for differentiated autonomy on the 16th and vote for the 17th?” Are you here to talk about national unity? We do not agree and we will oppose this process in every way”.

Landini also promises war on this issue. But he warns: We shouldn’t make the ‘Karine mistake’, that is, we shouldn’t think that ‘those who didn’t go to vote or who suddenly voted for the right didn’t understand anything’. Because as unions we do not represent people. He reassured the audience that nothing could affect “CGIL’s history or its ability to build the union’s credibility,” and reiterated that it is precisely today that “the quality of democracy” is at stake.

Source: Today IT


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