Labor reform will harm workers and business people: Uribe

BOGOTA | Former President Álvaro Uribe, a natural leader of the Democratic Center, proposed his own labor reform because President Gustavo Petro’s “will harm workers and businessmen.”

“Alternatively, we propose that a five-year salary and productivity increase agreement be promoted without further complicating labor laws,” the former president said.

Uribe warned that the Petro reform “is not aimed at creating formal employment because of excessive costs and regulations; it is driving more than a 30% increase in labor costs for small businesses that employ 78% of Colombia’s workers .”

And he concludes that “among the institutions the reform is destroying is the union contract, which is a great way of showing solidarity by allowing workers, through their organization, to contract with the company;

For this reason, he points out that “instead of more rigidities for work
night, higher costs of decoupling, ignoring the need for seasonal or temporary jobs, instead of this reform, the country should consider the alternative of a five-year agreement to raise wages and productivity”.

In response, Petro “quivered”: “I don’t dislike the idea of ​​a five-year agreement to raise real wages based on productivity. I suggested it in the campaign and I agree with Uribe, but that article would in the current labor reform and not replaced”.

Similarly, the head of state indicated: “They say, with nostalgia for slavery, that as wages rise, informality increases: informality is the product of farmers not having access to land for a century. Farmers without land, their children and their grandchildren, are today the informal”.

Source: El Heraldo