Roccella-Magi spat over surrogacy: “Cancel moms”


Sparks between Eugenia Roccella and Riccardo Magi about surrogacy. The +Europa secretary attacked the Meloni government minister on this issue: “The ‘Dispari Oportunidades’ minister Roccella is convinced that she is protecting women and perhaps does not realize that she continually considers them unwilling and incapable of deciding. personal obsession if it didn’t happen that as a minister she uses these arguments to annul the rights of girls and boys and their families who just want to be considered like everyone else. And it’s an offense to all women, who Roccella herself considers incubators and not free individuals who know how to decide about their own body. We – explains Magos – believe that pregnancy for others should be regulated in a solidary way, the minister does not. In the meantime, we present a bill that would solve the problem of the complete transcription of the certificates Also in this regard, does Roccella persist in being Minister of ‘Unequal Opportunities’?”.

The response from the executive exponent was not long in coming, who responded to the Magi with a post on Facebook: “The Magi say that whoever has two parents tomorrow should be able to celebrate twice. By analogy, we propose that the same children, on Mother’s Day, also celebrate the two mothers canceled with a surrogate mother. The mother who provided the oocyte, chosen from a catalog because – Roccella points out – transmits the genetic heritage, and the one whose uterus was rented, generally poor and from the third world, costs less”.

Source: IL Tempo


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