The Third Pole runs the risk of marginalization. And Calenda steals Meloni and Schlein

When two reach an agreement, there is always a third party who tries to prevent this understanding. For fear of being left out of future dynamics that, from that day on, will be created. Of losing power. And when it fails, it bites bitterly. An old saying that seems to fit the volcanic Carlo Calenda perfectly. Yesterday morning, the leader of Action spoke on the television program broadcast by La 7, “L’aria che tira”. And he confirmed the blood disposition. “No way. But what are we talking about?” The former Minister of Economic Development has shown himself to be a veritable river in flood. And he reacted with enthusiasm to a harmless question posed by the presenter, Myrta Merlino. The latter had asked whether the new confrontation between Giorgia Meloni and Elly Schlein could have cut the other political forces, Third Pole in primis. A perfectly logical reasoning, but one not shared by the forty-nine-year-old Roman. “Between Schlein and Meloni, they have 45% of the voters, who are half of the citizens. But what are we talking about? Here we continue to talk about titles and slogans». But that’s not enough.

Calenda then plunged into the enthusiasm that, with data and polls in hand, is creating the new secretary of the Democratic Party. A passing phenomenon, due to the recent primaries or a radical change, capable of constantly bringing the dem back to more than twenty percent? «Even when Enrico Letta was elected, I heard the same things, but they are phenomena that disappear in a short time. A government alliance is formed if there is a basis of shared things, but from regasifiers to Ukraine, these are all issues that separate me from them. What would it be like to rule all together? A government incapable of governing would be born. And if the important thing is to win the right, I say that you can’t win that way and that I don’t do politics that way”. You don’t need to be a psychologist to understand how Calenda, the expert politician that he is, today calls himself white, but actually thinks he’s black.

If the so-called progressive camp, the alliance between the Democratic Party, the Five Star Movement and the radical left is, it seems, to port, the political space for the Third Pole will decrease. Visibly. And, on the contrary, the bipolar system, antithetical to the Center by its nature, will strengthen. Crushing everything that doesn’t fit right or left. Calenda finally responded in kind to Giuseppe Conte. “Everyone can have an opinion, but if you, who governed with Salvini when issuing the security decrees, tell me that I voted for the right, you deserve a raspberry”.

Source: IL Tempo