Milan, the manifestation of rainbow families. Schlein: “The law is ready”

The square of Milan calls for the recognition of “denied and cancelled” rights: the transcription in the registry office of the birth certificates of children of homosexual couples. According to the organizers, 10,000 people gathered in Piazza della Scala to protest against the ban on transcriptions, which has fallen on municipalities, starting with Milan, of children with same-sex parents.

But in Parliament, guarantees the secretary of the DEM, Elly Schlein, who took to the streets, “a law is already ready”. The bill, she explains, “has already been tabled, we will push for it to be scheduled soon”. It is a text, as he says, written in conjunction with the Rainbow Families, Associations and the Lenford Network. The objective is “to also work with the opposition because it is a battle of civilization”. The Government – ​​this is the onslaught of the secretary of the Democratic Party – “cruelly hurts children and boys”, but “society realizes it” as attested by the “wide participation” in the garrison, where it was greeted with applause and songs with the His name. Surprisingly, contrary to what was announced, the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala, is also arriving at Piazza della Scala, who said he was ‘ready’ to resume the registration of documents, provided that “Parliament returns to discuss it in the Chamber” .

Pen in hand, the rainbow families asked to sign the transcription documents again at the registry office, in a flash mob that involved everyone present in the square.

The core of rights for the recognition of children of homosexual parents unites the opposition to the center-right government in the square of Milan. For Chiara Appendino, from the 5 Star Movement, the “pure ideology” comes from the Executive. And she reiterates, addressing the Minister of the Family, Eugenia Roccella, that she “is lying or does not know what she is talking about that the rented uterus has nothing to do with it”. The aim is to “secure children’s rights, while they take them away”. For Riccardo Magi, secretary of + Europa, who took to the streets together with Benedetto Della Vedova, “we need a State that does not discriminate against families and above all that complies with the law”.

The garrison was organized by Famiglie Arcobaleno, Cig Arcigay Milano and I Sentinelli di Milano “against – explained the organizers in recent days – this act that effectively establishes the beginning of a state persecution against the Lgbtq+ community and that once again affects who would need more protection instead”.

A circular from the Municipality of Milan, at the request of a directive from Viminale, and which refers to the cassation sentence of December 2022, led to the request of the Milanese mayor, Renato Saccone, to stop recognizing the children of the same – parent couples. In Milan, since 2018 these same families have been able to transcribe the foreign birth certificate in the Municipality, based on a union ordinance by Mayor Beppe Sala.

Source: IL Tempo