How is the temperature in Congress for the reforms?


In the 108-seat Senate, the President Gustavus Petro For now, the votes of the Historical Pact (20), that of Comunes (5) and that of the Indigenous Movements (2) are fixed. In the Verde Centro Esperanza (13) they may or may not be added depending on the reform and the theme. As hinges there are also the liberals (14), the conservatives (15) and La U (10).

And in the opposition in the Senate are the Democratic Center (13) and Drastic change (eleven). And in the Chamber’s 188 seats, the alternative bloc has 62 representatives, the peace seats have 16; the Liberals, 32; the conservatives, 25, and La U, 16. While the uribista opponents have 16 and the rojiazules, 18.

In this regard the representative Humble Aguilera, from Cambio Radical, said they disagree on some crucial aspects of the health reform. “If they are approved, we would therefore decline.” For example, he adds, “we don’t believe health will improve through bureaucratization or through increased government spending.”

With regard to the reforms of the judiciary and prison policy, the opponent warns that “they entail dangers and consequences of great magnitude for Colombians in terms of justice, security and civil coexistence: the crime that will undoubtedly not be curtailed today, it’s overcrowded.” And as for the Submission Act, he wondered, “It’s unbelievable that all the government’s efforts are going into releasing and providing benefits to the criminals who have claimed the lives and peace of families for so many years.”

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Conservative Party, Efrain Cepedanoted that the community will determine its position on each reform in the coming days:

“The position on health care reform was absolutely reflected in the project that will be presented with the 20 points of the three parties and we would be calm because it is a consensual reform”.

However, the senator points out: “in the labor reform, we are concerned because there are effects on the night and service sectors: if tourism, as the government has said, should be the engine of the economy, since tourism works at night, the same as restaurants, bars and even security companies, and It would be a heavy workload that would undoubtedly slow down the sector and job creation”.

On the other hand, Senator Carlos Meisel He pointed out in dialogue with EL HERALDO that “all this mishmash of reforms is a cocktail of six different poisons: the government has not realized that countries are systems that work better than others, but everything is intertwined. So you bet on the labor contribution for health, but that affects employment in the other reform; it wants peace, but it weakens authority and public power; it wants money for its social works, but it doesn’t encourage taxpayers or the existence of new ones. And many other things.”

Source: El Heraldo


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