Battle for the new DC, dispute over name and symbol: “Rotondi must stop”


The war begins over the legacy of the Christian Democrats. Two days ago, in the columns of Il Tempo, it was deputy Gianfranco Rotondi, elected with the Brothers of Italy and president of Verde è Popolare, who launched the project for the rebirth of the White Whale. Rotondi started a dialogue with Lorenzo Cesa of the UDC and with Renato Grassi of “historical DC” to revive the party that belonged to Aldo Moro. He intends to do this by joining name and symbol. “I’m preparing the legal armor,” he explained, aware that his initiative would be contested by many. As, indeed, it happened immediately. The first to take the field is Fabio Desideri, spokesman and political coordinator of what he considers to be the true Christian Democracy: “We held the national congress last February 17th and 18th, with the participation of delegates from all over Italy, and on that occasion, the election of the statutory organs of the party took place».

Desideri is certainly not a new face in politics. A former regional councilor for Lazio and group leader of the Storace list in the mid-2000s, from 2008 to 2009 he was a party partner of Rotondi, in the then Christian Democrats for the Autonomies. Then, their paths parted. Today he maintains that the dissolution of the DC in 1994, under the leadership of Mino Martinazzoli, who founded the Italian People’s Party, was never valid and that, therefore, the party congress held a month ago is not the first, but the 19th, From that moment on, it continued with the XVIII, in 1989, which saw the transfer of political secretary from Ciriaco De Mita to Arnaldo Forlani. The newly elected secretary is lawyer Antonio Cirillo, who “formalized a series of warnings against anyone who, for various reasons, continues to argue or use the symbol and name of the Christian Democrats, without authorization or legitimacy.” , which adds that a formal notification was sent to Rotondi on March 2.

Faced with this clash, what Rotondi himself said in Il Tempo on March 17 is understandable. Indeed, the deputy made it known that he “asked for legal advice, so that it is impossible for anyone to advance any exceptions”. The founder of Verde è Popolare also said that he never forgot “the judicial fury of alleged DC animators”, which is why he now wants to protect himself. The clash is all about the use of the symbol and the name. Rotondi explained that he is the legal guardian of the name, while the UDC will bring the symbol as a dowry. A reconstruction rejected by the DC headed by Cirillo and Desideri. For the latter, in fact, “the original symbol of the DC is ours, while that of the UDC is only similar”, as well as “it is somewhat strange that the use of the name can fit those who are part of the FdI parliamentary group ». The battle to raise the Christian Democrats from the ashes has only just begun.

Source: IL Tempo


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