But why protest if you’ve done nothing before?


But why protest if you’ve done nothing before?

Together with the Democratic Party and Movimento 5 Stelle, Arcigay, Famiglie Arcobaleno and Sentinelli took to the streets in Milan to demand a law protecting the children of same-sex couples. The same is demanded by some mayors who have recently formed a united front to pursue what they describe as a ‘civilization war in favor of the little ones’. All this after the Milan Municipality had to cut the transcripts of these boys and girls in their registry offices; the same thing that happened to the Municipality of Turin a year ago.

Right-wing government makes right-wing government

It is right, conscientious and legitimate for the parties to take to the streets. However, what has unfolded in Italy is only the last part of a ten-year debate on a theme that no one has been able to organize. It’s not even the same political movements that would take to the streets to protest a right-wing government doing right-wing things. Yes, because the legitimate question to be asked is only one: Why didn’t you do it when you could have legislated on it? A few months before 2012 there were opportunities, and they were few, but due to the internal conflicts between the different spirits of the centre-left, it was never possible to vote on this bill now so loudly requested from Giorgia. melody

The Democratic Party has expressed itself as prime minister three times in the past eleven years. The first was Enrico Letta, the second was Matteo Renzi and the third was Paolo Gentiloni. None of these have found a way to grant rights to children of same-sex couples, in fact when Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was prime minister in 2016, civil partnerships were granted to same-sex couples, but not step-adoptions. The rule that would most likely grant the rights claimed by the demonstrators in the square. But some will say that at that time the PD ruled together with the UDC and the new centre-right, that the parties never, ever accepted such a determined step forward, and this is true. But the question is political, and ruling by conservative and Catholic-inspired movements is a political choice.

No law in 527 days

Finally, there are 527 days when the Democratic Party, the 5 Star Movement and Liberi e Uguali rule together. The government took office on September 5, 2019 and was hit by the pandemic emergency in March of the following year, but the six months before the lockdown was the most enticing opportunity rainbow families had. Too bad the parliament couldn’t pass any laws on the subject. And just to think that these rights, demanded by a right-wing government doing right-wing things today, during the pandemic months, would be useful to protect boys and girls who were born and raised in the same environment. -parent families, because danger was in the air and was gathering victims.

It is therefore right, duty and legitimate to take to the streets, but it is equally right to legislate when you have the opportunity.

Source: Today IT


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