Lab21.01 poll, Meloni sweeps Schlein in head-to-head: no history


Can Elly Schlein worry Giorgia Meloni? In recent weeks, after her election as the new secretary of the Democratic Party, many defined her as the right woman capable of relaunching the left and scaring the prime minister. But reality and the numbers from the Lab21.01 survey for Italian subjects say the opposite. “In your opinion, which of the two best represents the values ​​you believe in?” the question of the survey, which gave a net result: 60.8% of respondents identify with Meloni (increasing half a percentage point compared to last week), while Schlein collects 39.2%, with an immediate drop and no rejections to recover the Prime Minister’s escape.

Another topic of the survey was that of migrants, a topic on which the center-right government is asked to speed up after the numerous arrivals in recent days. 60.2% of respondents believe that the government should do more to stop arrivals on Italian shores, while 37.8% are in favor of welcoming migrants “always and in any case”.

The survey then analyzes Italians’ voting intentions with reference to individual parties. On the centre-right front, Fratelli d’Italia and Lega fared well, growing 0.2% and 0.3% to reach 30.3% and 9.4%. Red light for Forza Italia, which loses 0.2% to 6.9%. For the opposition, there are increases for the Democratic Party and the Third Pole, while the 5 Star Movement, +Europe and the Green-Left Alliance are falling. Schlein’s dem reaches 18%, growing 0.5%, while Giuseppe Conte’s grillini loses ground in second place and drops from 0.3% to 15.6%. +0.2% and 8.9% overall for the Renzi-Calenda duo. 3.7% for Fratoianni and Bonelli, 2.1% for +Europe: two parties that risk being cannibalized by the Democratic Party, which has made a clear shift to the left after the primaries.

Source: IL Tempo


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