Roy Barreras said the signed ceasefire decrees are useless

Roy Barreras said the signed ceasefire decrees are useless

The President of the Senate, Roy Barreras, detailed the decision of the Head of State, Gustavo Petro, to lift the ceasefire with the Clan del Golfo in the context of total peace.

According to the statement made by the senator in dialogue with the medium Blu Radio, it no longer makes sense to maintain the decrees of resignation signed on December 31 because, according to him, none of the five organizations to which the president has resigned have put fire to has laid the shins, it is fulfilled.

“If everyone has not kept to the ceasefire, I think there is no point in maintaining, for example, the decrees of December 31 and continuing on the dialogue tables until there is a possibility of that ceasefire with the insurgents,” the official said. adding that there is no negotiation or dialogue with drug trafficking organizations.

As for Petro’s decision to lift the ceasefire with the Goldo clan, Barreras described it as good.

“Yesterday, the president made the timely decision to confront violently against the violent actions of the Clan del Golfo, which, in my opinion, should serve as an example for other illegal groups,” he said.

In addition, he stated that “the dialogue tables must be maintained, but that does not mean that the armed forces give up.”

The senator stated that peace is a constitutional mandate; however, this does not mean that the safety of citizens should be jeopardized.

“I think the December 31 decrees are useless, they are not necessary, they were not answered and they are not essential to promote peace talks with those who have political origins, because no peace talks are being held with drug traffickers,” he said. . closed.

Source: El Heraldo