Health, promise of Minister Schillaci: more money for emergency doctors

Health emergencies. Minister Orazio Schillaci outlines his intervention plan in the most delicate sectors. “Heavier” social security contributions, higher scores for career purposes and tax exemption from the specific allowance for doctors who work in the first line of emergency and urgency or in less attractive specialties because they do not practice private practice. More money too for the additional services provided by health professionals to streamline waiting lists and much tighter limits on the use of token doctors. There will be this and much more in the general health decree that the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci, anticipates in an interview with La Stampa. As for the limited number of medical faculties, “we are working with Miur to increase access to faculties. I wonder, however, why it is always said that there is a shortage of doctors, but holders of tokens paid four times as much can easily be found. Clearly, we must commit to making work in the public sector more attractive». You mentioned bets to use token doctors. What would they be? «We are thinking of establishing limits both on the usable quota and on age, because it is not possible to make people aged 70 or over work. But specialist qualifications related to the type of work that will be carried out in the hospital will also be needed. An orthopedist cannot finish cardiology».

In the meantime, emergency rooms explode. How to overcome this emergency? «Definitely giving incentives to those who work there, both from a professional and economic point of view. In this sense, we are trying to anticipate the 200 million incentives allocated for 2024 for this year. But it is essential to strengthen local health and telemedicine because today most accesses to the emergency room are green codes that must be treated outside the hospital”. sense, where to find doctors and nurses who will have to work in the 1,400 new homes and more than 400 community hospitals? very isolated and individually while in the new structures they will be able to guarantee a better assistance working as a team. What is really missing are the nurses. That is why we are thinking of authorizing those who work in hospitals to work overtime with pay also in community homes and hospitals”.

Source: IL Tempo