Migration emergency, Tajani against Schlein: mare nostrum is not decisive

Migratory emergency, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, rejects Elly Schlein’s proposal on a European “mare nostrum”. According to Tajani, in fact, a search and rescue mission for migrants in Mediterranean waters would not be a decisive solution to the migrant emergency. A European rescue operation “Mare Nostrum” “does not seem like a solution to me”. Tajani said commenting on the Democratic Party leader’s proposal. “Of course Europe must intervene in migratory flows. People at sea must be saved but also prevented from leaving and we must have regular flows», added the deputy prime minister in an interview with Radio 1’s “Rádio Anch’io” program. first and foremost through agreements with the African states from which migratory flows depart. “Tunisia urgently needs help, we cannot waste time.” Especially because “if the Tunisian front opens up, we run the risk of hundreds of thousands of people being displaced. I made a proposal during the European Council on Foreign Affairs”, namely “we are going to start giving help to Tunisia, we are going to put pressure on it to carry out reforms. We immediately give 300 million, then we check the reforms and give another 300 million and then another 300”, said Tajani. What is certain, he said, is that “we cannot waste time, otherwise we run the risk of doing the Muslim Brotherhood a favor.” It is necessary that “we do not underestimate the risks, we have a duty to help Tunisia” which “at the same time must carry out reforms”.

Another prominent front will be that of the Wagnerian militias that would favor the departures. “Certainly the presence of Wagner throughout Africa is worrying. In fact, it favors immigration,” added Tajani, denying knowledge of isolated armies in Libya to contain the Wagner militia.

Source: IL Tempo