Regions, Minister Roberto Calderoli’s announcement: an assembly for autonomy

Autonomy of the Regions, Minister Roberto Calderoli is working to plan and pass new legislation that will revolutionize the entire subject. For this reason, he thought of constituting a true Constituent Assembly in which distinguished representatives of the institutions would participate, including the emeritus presidents of the Constitutional Court. «I had a small Constituent Assembly. And I’m proud of that.” Thus, Roberto Calderoli, Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomies, in an interview with Corriere della Sera. “Now we start working in Parliament – he explains – We will have to define the themes and areas of matter referring to the Essential Levels of Services , relating to social and civil rights that must be guaranteed throughout the national territory”. «Parliament – explained the minister – will decide which matters will be covered by social and civil rights, and it is one of the most difficult choices that will called to do. To Lep, the costs and needs will be established by the Control Room which will be supported by a technical-scientific commission of which I am proud” because “it is an organization that has almost a constituent value. A representation of the best that the Italy can offer from the scientific and competence point of view, regardless of political alignment. In all, 61 people divided into 10 working groups».

The chairman of the committee “will be Sabino Cassese. And then, Giuliano Amato, the Presidents Emeritus of the Constitutional Court Franco Gallo and Annibale Marini, the President Emeritus of the Cassation Pietro Curzio, the Governor of the Bank of Italy Ignazio Visco, the Accountant General of the State Biagio Mazzotta, the former President of the Chamber Luciano Violante, President Astrid Franco Bassanini, Anna Finocchiaro, former Minister Paola Severino…». And he adds: “Once the job of indicating the Lep and the standard costs and needs is done, it will be possible to guarantee the guarantee of civil and social rights throughout the national territory”.

Source: IL Tempo