Alfredo Cospito continued to eat

It’s not just supplements anymore, it’s also food. Anarchist Alfredo Cospito, who has been on hunger strike to protest the 41bis regime since last October, is eating again. The 55-year-old had recently started drinking barley coffee, tea with lemon, multivitamins and milk in addition to sugar or salt water. Cospito has also resumed buying certain foods, especially Parmesan sachets.

On February 24, the judges of the first criminal division of the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal of Alfredo Cospito’s defense, which upheld 41bis for the anarchist. In recent days the anarchist has seen requests for stay of sentence and house arrest for health reasons being rejected by the Milan and Sassari Probation Courts. His lawyers are considering applying to the European Court of Human Rights. Meanwhile, Cospito is counting on Consulta’s hearing on April 18, when the Constitutional Court (which was challenged in the Torino case) will decide the legitimacy of the rule that prevents reductions in sentences for the crime of political murder. aggravated recidivism cases (like his).

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Source: Today IT