Municipal elections, Calderoli wants to abolish voting and drives the left crazy

The Democratic Party stands up against what has already been defined as the new Porcellum. In ‘homage’ to the creator of that electoral system, Roberto Calderoli. The Minister of the Northern League today relaunched the intention to eliminate voting in municipal elections: a single round, with majority bonus for those who exceed 40%. And it is only the last of the exponents of the majority who express themselves in this sense. A proposal on which the dem raise the barricades. “It’s a punch in the face” at the start of any discussion of reforms, Alessandro Alfieri, who is in charge of Reforms and Pnrr at Schlein’s secretariat, Adnkronos, told Adnkronos. «If you start with something so divisive, then the desire for dialogue is all a simulation… So we don’t even sit down at the table. And I add that the other oppositions are also against” changing the mayoral law.

This was confirmed by Filippo Zaratti, leader of the AVS group on Constitutional Affairs in the Chamber: “The right obviously only likes electoral laws that put it in the best conditions to win.” In recent weeks, Pd, Verdi-Left, M5S and Third Pole have lined up in the Senate to block an amendment tabled by Lega, Forza Italia and Fratelli d’Italia to eliminate ballots in municipalities with more than 15,000 inhabitants if a candidate for mayor reach at least 40% of the votes. “Let’s build the barricades,” was Barbara Floridia’s comment. Schlein also spoke on the subject yesterday at the Board: “I heard scattered statements from the majority. We would be firmly opposed to the idea of ​​lowering the threshold for the second round of administrations».

The dems reject the idea of ​​changing the city ordinance for two reasons. The first is that it is the “law that has worked best in recent years, guaranteeing alternation”. The second is that “they want to overthrow a law that works hoping to obtain an electoral advantage from it”. Protest also from dem mayors. Says Matteo Ricci, coordinator of mayors of the Democratic Party and mayor of Pesaro: “Calderoli wants to make a new mess. After Porcellum he wants to change the electoral law for mayors, introducing the 40% victory, coincidentally after the defeat in Udine. The law of mayors is the only one that works well and must be defended because it is democratic and functional». And again the mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori: “We must say no to the attempt to overturn the electoral law of the cities. With the elimination of the vote and the victory of those who exceed 40%, given the levels of participation, the government of the cities will be decided by 25% of the holders: less democracy and weaker management”. Then Florence’s Dario Nardella: “They want to make the municipal ‘Porcellum’, withdrawing the ballot and raising the threshold to 40%, this greatly reduces democratic confrontation and also turnout.” Endless controversy.

Source: IL Tempo