Money on public housing, schools and museums: Renzi wants to spend Pnrr funds like this

Meeting with Giorgia Meloni and Minister Raffaele Fitto. Avoid the loss of Pnrr money and allocate the resources initially intended for the renovation of the Artemio Franchi stadium into public housing, schools and museums. It’s a river in full flow Matteo Renzi, who yesterday afternoon asked Dario Nardella to stop. And to reflect. “The time has come to abandon ideology. The European Union said what we support a year ago. In other words, it is not acceptable to use public money to rebuild a football stadium. But can you imagine the Dutch Eurosceptics saying yes to Fiorentina’s stadium? Today even German newspapers talked about this story. Come on, let’s be serious.”
Fierce criticism of a project which the Florentine municipal administration and the mayor in particular would certainly go along with. «Dario Nardella continued stating that he would have the money. Now that we all know that such money does not exist, there are two ways. One, insane, foresees that the State or the Municipality (and therefore, in both cases, the taxpayer) put in the missing 55 million. The other, much more logical, involves eliminating the embarrassment of the Fine Arts Superintendence on curves. Already today, with the so-called Renzi amendment, this obstacle can be overcome. However, if the center-right government wants to create a new regulatory instrument, we will definitely vote for it. But throw the curves down and carry out the Casamonti project paid for by Fiorentina. Those 55 million are earmarked for renovating the former Lupi barracks in Tuscany, for social housing, for museums, for public schools. Let me be clear, Florentine Democratic Party councilors think like us. They just don’t have the heart to say it for obvious reasons.
The theme, only apparently sporty, becomes political in an instant. During the press conference, in which Senator Raffaella Paita also participated, the mayor of Bagno a Ripoli Francesco Casini (municipality where Fiorentina is completing the new sports technical center) and the councilor of Florence Barbara Felleca, leader of Italia Viva touched on a delicate point, in a country like Italy. Because just 48 hours ago, superintendent Antonella Ranaldi had recalled how embarrassment is present throughout the stadium, including the curves. «Maximum respect for the superintendents, but they are not the ones who decide how public money is used to improve the conditions of our country. There is a Parliament, elected by the citizens, and a government, for these tasks”.

Christian Campigli

Source: IL Tempo