PNA chief refusing to greet Sgarbi

Vittorio Sgarbi is not lacking among the many names discussed at various Liberation Day celebrations all over Italy. Enrico Mezzetti, head of Anpi’s Viterbo branch, refused to shake hands with Undersecretary of Culture Vittorio Sgarbi during the April 25 Eid celebrations. Recently, a group of PNA militants tried to prevent the undersecretary from performing.

A gesture that the art critic cannot digest. He even commented on the incident from the scene: “We’ve shaken hands since Covid ended, but the PNA chief chose not to give it to me”.

Mezzetti later refused to shake Sgarbi’s hand, saying “because he is a person I don’t respect. He made an excellent anti-fascist speech, but why doesn’t he go and go to the government he belongs to? I have to think we’re just talking about opportunism and a person who only aims for the seat”.

It should be noted that in 2017 Sgarbi proposed the re-illumination of the “black lighthouse” in Rocca delle Camate in Predappio, a symbol with clear references to twenty years.

Source: Today IT