Borghi’s departure shakes the Democratic Party: the Copasir case opens

It seems that some uneasiness has confided to some colleagues in recent days. But no one in the Democratic Party imagined that Senator Enrico Borghi would leave the party to join the ranks of Matteo Renzi. A movement that left the senators displaced, causing a real earthquake. Even Francesco Boccia himself, leader of the group at Palazzo Madama, would have learned of the decision in today’s interview in a newspaper. In short, as reported, there would be no prior communication from Borghi about his intentions.

As for the dem, the question that arises is the position held by the former colleague: Borghi is in fact a member of Copasir, elected by the Democratic Party, who now sees himself with one less representative in the body, in addition to president Lorenzo Guerini . Renzi’s party is twofold: Italia Viva already has a member on the commission, Ettore Rosato. “Borghi leaves Copasir”, is the mantra among PSD parliamentarians. And the order can be officially placed in the next few hours. “We will raise the issue,” the sources explain to Adnkronos. However, this would only be a request, as there is no obligation for a senator who changes groups to leave the office to which he was elected. But the controversy has already escalated.

Source: IL Tempo