“Ridiculous Arguments”. Lollobrigida’s April 25 gesture is at stake | TO LOOK

“I do not respond to controversies, now they are getting ridiculous. At these times our ministers, our deputies, mayors, administrators, as many times happened, participated in the events of April 25th and I even anticipated the return, not for April 25th I would be there anyway anyway, but for the 24th, because on the 24th I wanted to celebrate together with the De Gasperi Foundation, the man who established him as prime minister on April 25th and who in an important speech, the first to the party leaders, supported precisely the logic of putting an end to what should have been the civil war in the name of a united and credible Italy”. Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests, Francesco Lollobrigida, told LaPresse backstage at the Global Seafood Marketplace, underway in Barcelona. “This was De Gasperi’s ambition and this government has worked to make it happen”, added Lollobrigida, “at a historic moment like this when a people, the Ukrainians, are being attacked. to reject those aggressions that first Soviet and Communist Russia and today Putin’s Russia perpetrated against them”.

Source: IL Tempo