Tonight Italy, Tajani closely follows the problem of Sudan: the risk for migrants

Sudan is in a black crisis. Since April 15, the political rivalry between the two generals at the top of the Sovereign Council that runs the nation, President Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan and pro-Russian Vice President Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, has resulted in clashes and violence, with the risk of civil war. The risk is that a large number of migrants will arrive in Italy. The subject is at the center of the government’s agenda, which speaks on the matter through the mouth of Antonio Tajani, Minister of Foreign Affairs, guest on the April 26 episode of Stasera Italia, a Rete4 talk show hosted by Barbara Palombelli: “There is a situation of great instability. Many people go to Chad and neighboring countries, perhaps to Egypt, before reaching Italy they will have to pass through Libya or Tunisia, it takes a lot. However, it is obvious that migratory flows must to grow in the coming weeks and months. But in the meantime we are very pleased with the return of the Italians, I thank the crisis unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our ambassador in Khartoum, our diplomats and our officials”.

Source: IL Tempo