Who rebuilds Ukraine: Prime Minister Meloni dictates Italy’s line

Italy will continue to do its part, support Ukraine as long as necessary and press for Kiev to join the European Union soon. The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni reaffirm the line, and they do so when they receive in Rome the Ukrainian delegation led by the Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal and by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba. The occasion is the bilateral conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine, in which President Volodymyr Zelensky will also intervene via video link from Kiev.

In fact, our government is already looking at the reconstruction of the country devastated by the war, which “means concretely betting on victory” and on its “peaceful, well-being and increasingly European future”, is Meloni’s conviction, who reaps Zelensky’s thanks, exceptionally in Italian: “Thank you Giorgia, thank you Italy for your support. Glory to Italy, Slava Ukraini”.

In the morning, at the Quirinale, it was Mattarella who assured Shmyhal and Kuleba “Italy’s full support for Ukraine, in all areas and as long as necessary”, as well as the ambition for “a just peace that respects the integrity” of the Vila. Whose entry into the EU must take place “as soon as possible”, is the warning of the head of state, which the prime minister joins in asking to “quickly start accession negotiations”.

The Prime Minister speaks at the EUR’s Palazzo dei Congressi at the Conference on Reconstruction promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: ministers Antonio Tajani, Matteo Salvini, Adolfo Urso and Giancarlo Giorgetti are present, announcing “our contribution to the European Bank Fund for investments with a guarantee of 100 million euros”. After a face-to-face meeting with the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Meloni spoke to representatives of around a thousand Italian and Ukrainian companies. An initiative he had promised Zelensky during his trip to Kiev and which the president thanks by thanking “Giorgia Meloni personally for her support”. A support that the latter renews, assuring that “Italy will continue to do its part 360 degrees”.

Among the contributions that our country can make is precisely that of reconstruction, which according to Kuleba’s estimates could reach 400 billion dollars. “Italy is a candidate to host the Ukrainian Recovery Conference in 2025, an international conference much bigger than this one”, announces the Prime Minister, inviting our Italian companies to “not be afraid to bet on the victory” of Kiev, because “Italy can help make Ukraine’s next economic miracle”, as happened to us in the 1960s. Waiting for that country “is a future of peace and freedom. There are no other possible options”, he adds, so “investing in its rebuilding is not risky” but “one of the shrewdest and shrewdest investments”.

Also because “Ukraine will never cede its territory to the enemy”, assures Zelensky speaking at the Conference, and even though hundreds of our cities and towns have been destroyed by Russian missile attacks, we are ready to revive them”, asks Meloni “who also supports the start of negotiations for our future membership of NATO”, while Kuleba guarantees that “we are going to win this war and restore the territorial integrity of the country”.

After all, “Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote that if you want to rebuild a boat, you don’t need to gather men to cut wood but teach them to miss the sea”, is Meloni’s final sentence, according to whom in the same way, “rebuild a nation torn apart by war serves the nostalgia for freedom and for the very future that the Ukrainian people were able to demonstrate so well”. Then the greeting to Zelensky: “Thank you for your kind words and for being here with us. Hope you can come in person as soon as possible.”

Source: IL Tempo