What comes after the breakup of the official coalition?

At the same time, Patricia Munozresearch professor and postdoctoral director of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations of the University of Javeriana, specified in EL HERALDO that Petro’s decision “undoubtedly puts the government in a difficult situation to process and to get approved a large number of initiatives that he led in his government program so far it has approved very few it seems that more than 20 initiatives are missing and of course does not have a majority which it would not have because of the break with La U the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party, it would make it very difficult for it to make progress in the change plan it has proposed, all the more so in an election year in which the political parties will become even more distant in the coming months in the struggle for the sub-national power that we will have in the October elections”.

In addition, he warns, into the situation governance issues it seems difficult.

“The president would have to resort to other ways of getting support, and those other ways could be aimed at further weakening the political parties, dividing them, convincing individually the number of congressmen needed to get the necessary votes and this would create a taste in the public mind that this would be mediated through bureaucratic benefits, supply of ‘jam’, charges and government compensation in exchange for this support,” he indicated.

And the political scientist concluded that “another problem that creates some tension in public opinion, resorting to the social bases or groups that, while being part of the support base that exists in a democracy, can also generate some tensions that can hardly be overlooked.” will be resolved in a short time because they are historical needs present in many of the areas furthest from the center, in less favored social groups, for ethnic reasons and others, groups that have not yet resolved these expectations and that can increase the level of dissatisfaction and this may generate violence that is not is what the country is looking for.

Source: El Heraldo