Conte goes with no-vax to oppose arms shipments to Ukraine

He harbored doubts for a long time. Then Giuseppe Conte decided to support the referendum against sending weapons to Ukraine. If only for that reason it wouldn’t be surprising. The leader of 5 Stars immediately expressed his bewilderment, which later turned into open opposition, to unconditional military support for Kiev. So why did he initially falter? He must have carefully weighed this choice when he realized who the referendum promoters were. Because Future Generation is calling for an immediate halt to the shipment of military supplies to Zelensky. On its website, it presents itself as “an ecological cooperative company of intergenerational mutual help with a broad shareholder base, created to promote the defense and enhancement of common goods”. The association is the evolution of the DuPre Commission (Doubt and Precaution) which, before opposing weapons in Ukraine, waged a fierce battle against the so-called “dictatorship of health” carried out, according to them, by the Draghi government. Familiar faces include, among others, jurist Ugo Mattei, philosopher Massimo Cacciari and television critic Carlo Freccero.

The DuPre Commission has always broadcast a “controversy”, first about the management of Covid and then about the war in Ukraine. The paradox, which must have made Conte hesitate, is precisely this. The current leader of the 5 Star Movement, a former prime minister who faced the outbreak of the pandemic, who made agreements to bring vaccines to Italy, “father of lockdown” and later a supporter of the green pass, is today sharing the battle of anti-gun referendum promoted by those contesting the political management of the Covid emergency. Conte was convinced by the need to fight a political battle that he strongly believes in, along with the opportunity to clearly distance himself from Elly Schlein’s PD, which cannot make a distinction in terms of its support for Ukraine. Ultimately, he must have thought – no matter what campaigns the referendum promoters had previously waged.

As when eight philosophers, six scientists and six jurists from the DuPre commission invited to resort to “doubt and precaution in evaluating the side effects of the vaccine”. His campaign aimed, as mentioned, to challenge the imposition of the green pass. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the association shifted its focus to war. Freccero’s words aroused particular controversy at the beginning of April last year, when he stated that «there is material produced ad hoc for propaganda purposes that we know exists, of which a good example is the bombing of the children’s hospital with the pregnant influencer, later declared dead and reappeared soon after in another story. But already in other wars we have precedents of all kinds, from the false rescues of the White Helmets in Syria to the footage of ISIS filmed in the studio”. Returning to Conte, the head of the pentastellato is convinced that we need to get to the facts about Ukraine. And that the referendum is the right opportunity to make the government difficult. “Using weapons is a sign of weakness, negotiating requires courage”, he argued a few days ago, relaunching a tweet from the Pope.

Source: IL Tempo