Def, by the center-right budget deviation without an absolute majority

A tough day. A tear that, if not recovered in time, can turn into an abyss. Most go to the House on Def. The centre-right resolution on the budget variance did not pass: there were 195 votes in favour, but the required majority was 201, the House therefore rejected the majority resolution by 6 votes.

In the reading of the result by the current president, Fabio Rampelli, as the AdnKronos news agency recalls, the applause exploded among the opposition benches: “I understand the euphoria of the opposition. Since an absolute majority has not been achieved, the centre-right resolution is deemed to be rejected, and therefore recourse to debt is not authorized”. Thus, the session was adjourned. A total of 45 deputies from the four majority groups were not present at the bypass vote. A slip that cheered the opposition. “It is a sensational political fact – said Chiara Braga, leader of the dem group – We are beyond imagination, a majority with these numbers, in the most important act, fails miserably. It is a complete lack of responsibility for the country’s problems that adds to the confusion and divisions over the PNNR. We are very worried, they cannot approve the act that leads to the approval of the Def, there are no precedents, we will return to the CDM for a new report to the Def – continues Braga – It does not seem to me the best way to respond to the country’s problems and that is the certification of divisions and bankruptcies of the majority. They had promised in a completely propagandistic way to intervene on the work on May 1st. Too bad they forgot to remind their parliamentarians of their duties as workers”.

The secretary of the Italian Left, Nicola Fratoianni, was also pleased with the day. “This text is to be thrown away, they have to rewrite it. From a political point of view, but also from a procedural point of view, it is entirely plausible that they will rewrite the Def and start the process over again. It’s not a secondary incident – he underlines – it’s an incredible thing. They got 195 votes, they had to get 201. The government benches were very full as usual in these cases, but not enough. It’s unprecedented, nothing like this has ever happened.” The comment by the Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, is enigmatic. “There is no political problem, it’s just that deputies either don’t know or don’t realize”. beginning of winter? The coming weeks will answer the difficult question.

Source: IL Tempo