Vargas Lleras warns that Petro will look for a prosecutor and a lawyer

In this sense, he added that with the articles “the Supreme Court and Government would have more interference with the arrival of these new magistrates in deciding and choosing the prosecutor and attorney, determining who will become the next clerk or how the vacancies of the magistrates whose term expires will be replaced”.

And Vargas Lleras concluded that “it is not true that the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court getting overwhelmed with work. I took the trouble to ask for some indicators, and I could tell you clearly: the civil chamber of the Court is up to date, it is not overcrowded. In the civilian room all extraordinary and review appeals are evacuated within six months, jurisdictional disputes within 15 days. Every year it immediately processes more than 9,000 trusteeship orders, so this argument is not correct.”

Source: El Heraldo