Will the divisions in the Liberal Party continue?

He also assured that “we have the personal opinion of the National Director of the Liberal Party against these and other projects, but we emphasize that these cannot be construed as legally binding decisions of the court”.

for the representative Juan Carlos Losada, it is very important for the party to convene a national convention, as it is currently completely illegal, according to him. Therefore, he accused Gaviria of breaking the law by not subpoenaing him last October.

“The National Liberal Convention must be cited at once, because we cannot continue in the illegalityOnce the convention is convened, everyone has to see what their political perspective will be, whether they think there should be a renewal of the party, whether former president Gaviria should remain, whether there should be a single leadership led by another person, or there must be a collegiate leadership,” the representative said in an interview with Blu Radio.

At the moment it is known that there will be consultations next week to try to solve the problems in the bench.

Source: El Heraldo