Alfonso Bonafede returns to tax justice: M5s blitz hits

Grillino’s former politician appears “immortal”. And so, after Luigi Di Maio, who is preparing to fly to the Persian Gulf to claim an EU seat, and others we’ll mention later, Alfonso Bonafede is back on track. The ex-Minister of Justice Grillino in the Conte I and II governments, having lost his seat on via Arenula, and after the Antitrust prevented him from resuming his old law firm for a year, returns to the scene thanks to a generous Giuseppe Conte who continues to place its supporters. How to say an efficient “navigator”, the leader of the M5s who with one blow managed to place Bonafede, “triumphed” due to the limit of the second term, and at the same time put the Pd in ​​a corner, marking the furrow even more that separates Conte from the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein.

Based on the agreements reached between the majority and the opposition, the preferences are transmitted, to the Administrative Justice Council of the Presidency, to Eva Sonia Sala and Francesco Urraro (Lega). By the Council of the Presidency of the Court of Auditors, on Filippo Vari and Vito Mormando and by the Council of the Presidency of the Tax Justice, on Carolina Lussana (Lega) and Bonafede (M5s), as mentioned. Democratic Party deputies did not participate in the vote to elect six lay members of the so-called “CSM of special magistrates”.

The mother demista, Chiara Braga, denounces a «total violation of gender equality: only two women in every six deputies will be elected. It is unacceptable for us in the Democratic Party, and we regret that it is not the same for other opposition forces ». In fact, what contradicts the Democratic Party is above all the fact that of the total of 12 seats in dispute (another six deputies are elected by the Senate), the majority retained nine for itself (as happened for the ordinary CSM, when it took seven of ten).

“For weeks we had been asking two fundamental questions of principle” about composition and respect for gender equality, but “most of them were direct”, denounces Schlein. The deputies of the Green and Left Alliance also abstained. In short, the Democratic Party remained isolated in this division, while Conte rejoiced. And to think that these “recycled” ex-Grillini fired zero shots at the MEPs, according to them, because they were glued to the chairs. Decades of litanies in all sauces. Now, however, with the much-vaunted revolution over and many people going out for a walk, the race for recycling continues.
Like Roberto Fico, who became Conte’s advisor while staying at Palazzo Madama, where he holds a position and benefits as former mayor. Conte also placed former Vito Crimi and Paola Taverna at Grillini’s offices in Montecitorio. Instead, there are those who preferred recycling in politics. This is the case of former Piedmontese deputy minister Laura Castelli, former MEF and now spokesperson for the South Calls North movement, led by pyrotechnician Cateno De Luca. Or like the former Undersecretary for Infrastructure who, after being “beaten” by Conte days ago, moved to Forza Italia, calling it “a family of values”.

But, to tell the truth, there are also those who have chosen the path of work. The doors of the barracks opened to the former leader of the group Francesco D’Uva: he is now a Navy officer, a position for which he had won a competition even before arriving in Montecitorio. While Stefano Buffagni, having gained experience at the Ministry of Economic Development, is now an accountant for large investment funds. Then there is Riccardo Fraccaro, remembered as the father of Superbonus, a standard for the rehabilitation of buildings and houses with energy efficiency, which has remained precisely in the field of energy. Finally, Danilo Toninelli. The former Minister of Infrastructure and Transport has returned to his former profession, insurance. He would open his own insurance agency in Milan.

Source: IL Tempo