Forza Italia, “American Convention”. How Silvio Berlusconi will intervene

A throwback to ’94 in a contemporary tone. The Forza Italia convention on May 5th and 6th in Milan, in addition to contributions coming from President Silvio Berlusconi, ministers, coordinator Antonio Tajani and all executives, aims to re-propose the first Berlusconian scheme of the historic ‘descent into the countryside’. Not only conferences, debates on topics, speeches and strategies, but also lights and spotlights. An American scenography that Berlusconi himself brought to politics.

“There are no hotel rooms, but a suitable place for scenic effects to relaunch Forza Italia and bring it back to the glories of the past”, explains one of the organizers of the event, according to reports from Agi. Fifteen people, mostly from Lombardy, with the greeting of EPP President Manfred Weber and a large space reserved for young people, will gather at the East End studios near Linate, a former New York-style industrial area that often hosts fashion shows. fashion, galas, concerts and fairs.

The Knight will intervene on Saturday. The focus is on your live phone call, it is possible that there is a video, alternatively a message. FI’s ‘greats’ are optimistic that the former prime minister will make his voice heard. In addition to representatives of the world of work, representatives of civil society will also participate. There will also be a video of former forced senator Adriano Galliani. But the ongoing ‘scouting’ involves the presence of a sportsman. There have been contacts with former AC Milan coach Fabio Capello, who, however, has made it known that he cannot be present in the Lombard capital these days. Instead, the presence of the CEO of Eni, Claudio Descalzi, was confirmed, who on Saturday, at 11:30 am, will be the protagonist of a dialogue on ‘Italy’s strength in foreign policy’ together with Tajani.

The event represents a test of unity for a party that has recently gone through the shocks of the sudden change of group leader in the Chamber – with Paolo Barelli, close to Tajani, who replaced the ‘ronzulliano’ Alessandro Cattaneo – and that of the Lombard Coordinator, a position taken by Licia Ronzulli and passed to Alessandro Sorte, supporter of Marta Fascina. Berlusconi’s party is meeting for the first time without its leader in the Lombard capital at a mega-convention after those in Rome and Naples last year.

The former prime minister, who has been hospitalized in San Raffaele since April 5, will not be able to attend, but it is hoped that he will soon be able to connect to the phone. “I also count on the presence of President Berlusconi in some way, but it depends on the doctors and we expect decisions from him,” explained Tajani. “We’ll see in what form, but for me it would be a nice gift for Forza Italia,” he added.

Source: IL Tempo