Renzi Spills the Beans: “Who Helps Meloni”. What the leader of Italia Viva knows

Perspectives for the Third Pole, the condition of the left and some government assessments. The leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi outlines the panorama of the political scene in a long interview with the republic. On a certain day, however: his appointment as editorial director of “Riformista” has just begun.

On the tormented gestation of the Third Pole and the recent break with Calenda, he observes: “the break is inexplicable even for those who are inside. There must be a reformist alternative to Meloni’s sovereignty and Schlein’s extremism. The Italian company is asking for it, not me.” That is why “we are committed to making a single list for the 2024 European Championship, open to Mais Europa and civic forces. We’re here. We will see if the national assembly of the Action will change its line and why”.

About the controversy with Calenda, and the latter’s accusations in a series of tweets, he says: “I didn’t expect that from those who define themselves as guarantors and liberals”.

Chapter Pd. Will there ever be an alliance with the Third Pole? “The problem – says Renzi – is not that of alliances, a topic that does not exist because in 2024 we will vote with proportional representation and in 2027 there may be a semi-presidential reform. The question is whether the reformers will stay in the Democratic Party.” As for the stability of the government, he observes: “if everything goes as it should, Meloni arrives in 2027 but changes the composition of the government after the European elections. If they make a mess afterwards, the prime minister also risks it”. In case of a crisis, he is asked, will help come to him? “Nobody believes, not even Meloni. If the prime minister gets into trouble, help will come from the grillini. But knowing her – he adds – he will do everything not to pay Conte in cash”

Source: IL Tempo