Proxy getting seven fines and asking questions to speed cameras

Many drivers have been fined by tens of thousands of “record” speed cameras. Among them is Alessia Ambrosi, aide to the Brothers of Italy. The speed camera in question is a driver’s nightmare driving through Pai, a hamlet of Torri del Benaco on the Veronese side of Lake Garda. In recent months, MP Ambrosi alone has received seven fines, justifying speeding as a necessity because he was in the countryside and therefore had to “escape”. So Alessia Ambrosi presented a parliamentary question to definitively eliminate speed cameras. But the mayor also tells another story about the fines the MP received.

“He was in the election campaign, he was supposed to be a candidate”

The MP’s justification for the fines was explained by the mayor of Torri del Benaco, Stefano Nicotra. At a road safety conference in East Gardesana, the mayor of the municipality where the speed camera was installed said: “The speed camera is very organized, there is documentation to prove it, and we will take it to the prosecutor’s office. The problem is.” Continuing to run in Gardesana”.

The mayor then spoke of the fines levied by MP Ambrosi: “The viceroy of the Italian Brotherhood also came to the City Hall and took the case to the Parliament, he told me there were seven minutes left in Pai, but did not explain later four of them to reach 90 speed per hour, then the sum of the fines. He justified his speed by saying he was in the election campaign and had to go run”.

Nicotra later added an anecdote: “I also got 9 fines on the speed camera of Punta San Vigilio in the neighboring municipality, but I definitely didn’t think to apply. I just called myself stupid”.

Moves against MP Ambrosi’s speed camera

“We’re going to pull the plug and get it off that pole,” said Altvelox, of the national consumer association Migliore Tutela, finding an ally in Alessia Ambrosi months ago: In February, the MP presented a question to the Chamber of Commerce. Deputies addressed to the Ministers of the Interior, Enterprises and Made in Italy and Infrastructure and Transport.

Ambrosi claims more than 14,000 fines were issued in two and a half months. “Pai speed camera severely punishes residents of neighboring municipalities, many of them commuters, who roam Gardesana every day. They are only allowed on so-called ‘curvy roads’, that is, on carriageways that are freestanding or separated by traffic dividers. Fixed speed cameras are only permitted by the Governor’s Office. Permission may be granted after inspection and only after it has been shown that the road is indeed considered dangerous for the safety of drivers”.

As Verona’s governor, Donato Cafagna, waited for the three ministers with his own majority to answer the question, he publicly replied to the lawmaker: “The traffic police have confirmed in a report that there are no problems with the approval. Mayors must work as a team. It is the best for fragile users, especially cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. to protecting the lives of Gardesana users, which is a high-hazard and accident-prone road”.

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Source: Today IT