Meloni silences the left: payroll increase and there are those who argue

Giorgia Meloni in a video posted on Facebook (with a surprising ending…) explains the provisions contained in the labor decree approved by the CDM today Monday, May 1st, and responds to the controversy from the left and the unions over the choice of the date symbolic. “On Labor Day, the government chooses to work to provide answers to these workers and to those who legitimately aspire to improve their condition. “, says the premier in a video posted on social media.

Thanks to a treasury of 4 billion due to the “courage of some measures that we had carried out, such as the Superbonus” and “the issuance of excise taxes”, the government applies the “most important reduction of labor taxes in last decades. we cut the contribution wedge of 4 percentage points, and this cut adds to what we had already done in the previous budget law, so today and until the end of the year, we have a cut in the contribution wedge of 6 percentage points for those up to 35 thousand euros, and up to 7 percentage points for the lowest incomes up to 25 thousand euros”. “It is a choice of which I am deeply proud – he adds -, increases that can even reach 100 euros for workers with the lowest incomes at a that inflation gallops and the cost of living rises. can argue even in this choice”.

Regarding the basic income, “we distinguish who can work from those who cannot”, explains Meloni who states: “We confirm and in fact improve the support for those who cannot work, that is, families in difficulty who have a minor within themselves, an elderly person, a person with a disability. But those who can work are included in a training course for work, with reimbursement of expenses during the period in which they are trained and with important incentives for those who hire them”.

“I am proud that the government has chosen to celebrate May 1st with actions and not words. estimated for the coming months to be higher than that of other European nations”, says the prime minister with the video that ends with the prime minister stating “keep it up and happy May 1st to all, and now to work”. moment before entering the CDM meeting room and ringing the traditional bell with which the government meeting begins.

Source: IL Tempo