“Celebrating the front line in Cali is celebrating barbarity”: Opposition

The intervention of the Vice President of the Republic, Francia Márquez, in the context of the demonstrations on May 1 in commemoration of Labor Day, has caused numerous reactions and rejections, for which it was considered a defiant speech and that it generates more division in the country.

In the Parque Obrero in the city of Cali, Márquez publicly said, “I’m not afraid to say it, long live the frontline!”, a phrase that has been questioned and rejected by the opposition.

According to Democratic Center senator María Fernanda Cabal, “to celebrate the front line in Cali is to celebrate barbarity. Good Colombians, who make up the majority, do not celebrate the front lines, nor their crimes, nor their legacy of pain for the country.

A similar view was expressed by her party partner, Senator Paloma Valencia, who was surprised by Francia Márquez’s statements: “I am surprised by the vice president insulting an ex-president during the march. It amazes me by celebrating the frontline, synonymous with violence against many Colombians.”

He also added that “the first line blocked Colombians, used violence, destroyed trade, public transportation systems … and there are those who are celebrating.”

For its part, the Chamber representative of the Conservative Party, Juana Carolina Londoño, urged Vice President Márquez, including President Petro himself, to seek long-awaited peace for the Colombian people, but not through division.

Senator David Luna also spoke from the Radical Change Party, assuring that “Petro’s speech is proof that we have a wolf in sheep’s clothing as president, or rather, an authoritarian disguised as a Democrat.”

“Hate and division cannot be encouraged. Above all, we are Colombians, a thriving, fighting and hard-working people who, despite so many adversities and violence in Colombia, are united. We must seek peace, but not by dividing it,” said Representative Juana Londoño.

Source: El Heraldo