Surveillance of liberals withdraws request for investigation against Dolcey Torres

After requesting the National Ethics Control Board of the Liberal Party to call for an urgent extraordinary session to open a disciplinary investigation against Representatives Dolcey Torres and María Eugenia Lopera, for allegedly not following guidelines of this group regarding the health reform discussion, the National Oversight Office of the Liberals reversed this request.

According to what was stated by the Atlantic representative, Dolcey Torres, “we welcome this news which reaffirms our arguments: we have not lacked party discipline, therefore there are no grounds for requesting investigations, let alone sanctions.”

As stated in this letter, signed by the Party’s National Observer, Rodrigo Llano Isaza, “for the sake of cordiality and understanding between all levels of our community and in view of the political events of the past few hours and as a gesture of goodwill on behalf of the National Oversight Office of the Liberal Party, I allow myself to withdraw the Letter-Memorandum I sent to you requesting a sanction against two MPs”.

It also adds that “consequently, it is no longer necessary to convene an extraordinary session of the National Council for Ethics Review”.

It should be noted that at the time, the representative María Eugenia Lopera, who is a member of the Seventh Committee of the Chamber, voted in favor of the presentation of the initiative, assuring that “I’m going to sleep peacefully, and when I go back to Medellín I’m going to put my mom in looking at the eyes, because I did it conscientiously, because those people who trusted me in Antioquia, I can tell you that I only reminded of ordinary people, of the peasants, of those who have to kneel before a system to take care of him, I will no longer be an accomplice of this system”.

So far, the representative has not commented on this decision or request from the party’s national observer, Rodrigo Llano Isaza.

Source: El Heraldo