Labor decree, Meloni puts the left and unions in a tailspin

Giorgia Meloni claims “the most important tax cut in decades”. The tax reduction of 7 percentage points for earnings of up to 25,000 euros and of 6 points for up to 35,000 will bring up to 100 euros more per month in the salaries of Italians. The symbolic measure included in the labor decree approved on May 1 by the Council of Ministers is a source of pride for the head of government: “It is a choice that I am very proud of”. And “we did it by freeing up a treasury of 4 billion euros, thanks to the courage of some measures that we had carried out, I am thinking of the superbomus and the issue of excise taxes”. The oppositions, however, are not there. They speak of lies, of “small cuts”, of “increased poverty”. Thus, despite the fact that the hundred euros reached the wallets of the lowest income groups of the population, the Democratic Party and the M5S announced the mobilization in the squares alongside the CGIL.

The leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, Francesco Boccia, says that the intervention in the fiscal wedge “is a lie”. «The government lies knowing it is lying-he adds It’s not a cut in the tax burden, it’s a bonus. Lower than that of Draghi, which covered the year and was written in Nadef. Meloni’s is a bonus of 50 euros from July to November: the sum of the two deltas is minus 4% in the 5-month tax cost, which becomes 50 euros per month per worker ». In fact, the months are six, until December. The five-month hypothesis was the one that circulated in the drafts of the last few days. Furthermore, it is true that the cut foreseen in the decree is 4%, but it adds – as the government itself explained – to that foreseen in the budget law, which was equal to 3% for incomes below 25 thousand euros and 2% between 25 and 35 thousand. Therefore, now, the general cut reaches 7 and 6%, respectively.

According to the first simulations, this will lead to a tax benefit that will fluctuate between 50 and 100 euros per month depending on each person’s gross income. But, as mentioned, the oppositions are critical. For the leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzi, “this tax cut, a small cut, is much smaller than other interventions. For example, do you remember the 80 euros? Meloni remembers them because he called them election tips. Well, the 80 euros is worth 10 billion. Apart from Meloni’s 3 billion. So, what is certain is that he not only struggled with politics, but also with mathematics». And Giuseppe Conte announces a series of street events in June, mainly to protest against the excess of the basic income.

Source: IL Tempo