Omnibus, the centre-right’s announcement: “Let’s get the provinces back up and running”

The wave of bad weather that has brought Emilia-Romagna to its knees in recent hours, and which is now affecting other areas of the Peninsula, has brought to the fore the usual problems in the effective operational and communicative management of emergencies. During the episode of Omnibus, broadcast on Thursday, May 4, on La7 under the direction of Gaia Tortora, Senator of the Brothers of Italy Salvatore Sallemi announced that, in this sense, the government is working to “restart the provinces”. A sentence that aroused the skepticism of another studio guest, the Fatto Quotidiano journalist Antonello Caporale: “Until now we were talking about a thousand places, you want to add more”.

The FdI exponent then proceeded to expose the reasons why, according to him, an intermediary instance between the Regions and the Municipalities would be necessary: ​​”I understand the difficulties in managing these emergencies, especially for mayors who are often alone, and the only responsible for their own Civil Protection autarchies. So the responsibility falls on them not only to warn, but also to set in motion a rescue machine, which is not easy “. Consequently, according to Sallemi, the figure of the women would be necessary. provinces, able to help municipalities in their work that alone cannot handle all the work in emergency situations. these activities fall on the municipalities”, continued the Omnibus guest in his reasoning. He then concluded, responding to Caporale’s jab: “I don’t care about chairs, believe me. But efficiency and one more way to solve problems and provide solutions to citizens”.

Source: IL Tempo