Calderoli’s ultimatum on the left: “No vetoes to reforms or we will go it alone”

Roberto Calderoli is making rapid progress with the reforms he has been carrying out since taking over as minister in the Meloni government. The Lega exponent was interviewed by Corriere della Sera and made a point of the situation: “Autonomy and presidentialism in full swing. I am the biggest supporter of both reforms. Autonomy? The left and Conte must recognize that they lost the elections. However, contrary to what happened in the past, when they did everything without involving the opposition, this time someone is asking for their involvement in reforms that affect the life of the country and its citizens. If their role is exercised only as a right of veto, they don’t have it. I suggest that you make proposals and corrections. If the grief has matured, that’s fine. If not, we’ll talk about it again in 5 years.”

One of the hypotheses in the field to discuss the reforms is that of a bicameral Commission, a solution that Calderoli does not disapprove of: “If there was a real desire on the part of the opposition to discuss reforms, presidentialism, it is a possibility that I would embrace. But given the experiences of the past, I’m not so optimistic: none of them produced results. In light of the responses that will be given by the opposition, it will be possible to decide whether there is space or not. Otherwise, we would apply Article 138 of the Constitution: Parliament approves amendments to the Constitution with two resolutions by an absolute majority”.

“I – reiterates the Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomy – do not want to compress times in any way, I want the broadest possible discussion to take place, my objective is to achieve the best final result. When it turns out that parliamentary instruments are aimed only at obstructionism, we will be forced to go our own way. But this is absolutely not what I want. Tell me where the text is wrong, if any, and where to fix it.”

Source: IL Tempo