Pension reform: Colpensiones calls for consensus and private funds for corrections

Jaime Dussanpresident of Colpensiones, said in the Constitution Chamber of the Capitol: “We hope that Congress analyzes the reform, which aims to ensure that no Colombian is left without a pension. It is not possible that a single Colombian that I would must be retired being on the street“.

In that sense, the official warned that 15 of the 25 million Colombians who are supposed to do so are not contributing.”because the labor regime in Colombia is perverse“.

For this reason, he added, “in Colpensiones we are ready to cooperate in everything within our reach: we do not want a confrontation with any sector of the private funds, we are all obliged to have a ” to reach consensus so that pension reform takes place in Colombia Believing that the government is attacking private funds or taking resources away from them, It’s not right.”

And he concluded that it is not “an ideological debate, because one of the conceptions of democracy is the right to equality that all Colombians have”.

Miguel Largacha, President of Future, agreed that “a comprehensive reform of old-age protection must be implemented, which is why we are accompanying the public debate: Colombia must have a pension system with subsidies that are permanent and increasingly better benefits for Colombians”.

Source: El Heraldo