“Pension reform is on the right track, but labor reform is going the other way”

And at the end he advised to maintain individual savings “because it is a model that avoids population explosion problems as the DAN says Colombia is aging rapidly, so a simpler savings rule should be introduced: Colpensies must save all new power savers and that ensures that the government will not use that for current costs”.

At the same time, Oscar Ivan Palacio pension analyst, recalled that there are more than 300 pension reform proposals in the Congress failed in recent years. He therefore considers a proposal from the government on this point to be valuable.

“The proposal of the solidarity pension It is fantastic to lift two million people out of poverty, out of poverty. What a fiasco Law 1580 of 2015 has been, for the funds it was healthy but of 200 thousand families who expected a family pension, today there are only 900 families with a pension,” he warned.

Finally, he also pointed to the peasant pension, because, he said, “our successors will come and there will be no more field, because the peasants depopulate it, therefore everyone who lives on the field lives 55 years and a thousand weeks. No more. “

Source: El Heraldo