States General of Birth, Giorgia Meloni on stage with Pope Francis

States General of Birth, Giorgia Meloni on stage with Pope Francis

“The birth of children is the main indicator to measure the hope of a people. If few are born, it means there is little hope. future”. It is the warning of Pope Francis that resounds in the auditorium of the Conciliazione in Rome, where today the States General of Birth ended. “Your Holiness, we love our families, we love our country, we believe in our future and we will do our part until to the end”, replied Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, with him on stage.

The arrival of the Holy Father is greeted by a long applause: the Pontiff remains seated even during his speech, “I apologize for not speaking while standing up, but I cannot bear pain”, he explains. Next to him is Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, dressed in white similar to Bergoglio’s. A detail that – when the two met on stage at the beginning of the event – surprised those present, but the Pontiff reacted with big smiles in an atmosphere of cordial sharing on a topic dear to both. Pope Francis listened carefully to the prime minister’s speech, and when Meloni returned to her seat, he stood up to shake her hand.

“Policies aimed at the future are needed”, exhorts the Holy Father, who calls for “a change of mentality”: the family – he explains – “is not part of the problem, but of its solution. who knows how to look ahead with the courage to bet on families, children, young people?”. The Pontiff perfectly identifies the causes of this “demographic winter”: the new generations “experience more than anyone else a feeling of precariousness”, for which “tomorrow seems like an impossible mountain to climb”. Where women are “often forced to crossroads between career and motherhood”. There is difficulty “finding a steady job, difficulty keeping it, prohibitively expensive houses, skyrocketing rents and meager wages are real problems.” These are problems, warns the Holy Father, “that challenge politics”.

The government “has made birth rates and the family an absolute priority in its actions”, guarantees Prime Minister Meloni, although “we live in a time when talking about birth rates and families is increasingly difficult, it almost seems like a revolutionary act ”. Instead, the prime minister wants to make some firm points: first of all “we want a nation in which it is not a taboo to say that motherhood is not for sale and uteruses are not rented, that children are not sold products that you can choose from a supermarket shelf”, and where “it is no longer scandalous to say that we are all born of a man and a woman”. So, “if a woman does not have the chance to fulfill her desire for giving up the professional, it’s not that you won’t have equal opportunities, you won’t have freedom”, notes Meloni, listing a series of measures implemented by the government, such as “increasing the single subsidy, strengthening parental leave, the right to convert variable rate of the fixed-rate mortgage and innovations in terms of work: the inclusion subsidy or the willingness to make the total tax relief of the structural provision by the employer of allowances of up to 3 thousand euros, but giving priority to those with children dependents”.

All the measures that, according to the prime minister, do not denote “the dirigiste and bankrupt approach of the past, in which it was believed that work and wealth could be created by decree. Ours is a subsidiary approach, of those who believe that the State task is to create the conditions favorable to the family, to development, to work”.

Source: IL Tempo