“Labour reform presentation will be submitted next week”: mintrabajo

Labor Secretary Gloria Inés Ramírez announced progress in the process being carried out in Congress to implement the bills for both labor and pension reforms.

According to the chief of portfolio, speaking from Bogotá at a socialization event with the Kennedy community, members of Congress are already preparing the labor reform paper to be submitted next week.

Regarding the pension reform and the legislative process being carried out in the Seventh Committee of the Senate, the minister announced a public hearing in Cúcuta.

“We have held two hearings this week with wide participation and next Monday there will be a public session in the capital of Norte de Santander, and later they will meet to present the paper which I hope will be this week and will continue , with the debates to be held in the Congress of the Republic,” Ramírez assured.

It should be noted that the labor reform project in Colombia aims to promote the formalization of more than 2.5 million workers in sectors of home work, domestic work and rural work platforms.

“The bills are expected to be passed in this legislature and achieve their goal of social justice and decent work with Colombian workers,” the ministry said in an official statement Saturday.

Source: El Heraldo