Autonomies, from the social profile of the Senate’s avalanche of criticism. the case explodes

From the “risk of not being able to maintain essential levels of services in undifferentiated regions” to the lack of “economies of scale”. These are some of the critical issues reported by the Senate Budget Service in a dossier dedicated to the Autonomy bill and also reported in a post published on the official Linkedin profile of Palazzo Madama (on whose website you can find the complete document). The reform promoted by the Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Roberto Calderoli, “will be possible to implement without additional costs for the State coffers and continuing to ensure the Essential Levels of Services, which constitute the insurmountable nucleus of these civil and social rights, foreseen in Constitution, which must be guaranteed throughout the national territory, in order to provide all citizens with fundamental services, from health to education”, reads the publication, which underlines that “the Budget Service of the Senate carried out an analysis of the project of law, noting some critical points”.

In the case, for example, of the transfer to the regions of a substantial number of functions currently carried out by the State (and the corresponding human, instrumental and financial resources) – we read again in the Senate’s Linkedin post that briefly illustrates the content of the dossier on the Autonomy bill, prepared by the Budget Service – “there would be a strong growth of the regional budget and a reduction of the State budget, with the risk of not being able to maintain the essential levels of services in the non-differentiated regions”. In addition, “the poorest regions, or those with low levels of taxes collected in their own territory, could have greater difficulty in financing and, therefore, in acquiring the additional functions”. Lastly, “the transfer of the new administrative functions to the municipalities, provinces and metropolises by the differentiated regions could make economies of scale less possible, due to the presence of indivisible fixed costs linked to the provision of services, the incidence of which increases the decrease in population ”, concludes the post.

Which obviously caused controversy. Palazzo Madama’s press office tried to make amends with a note: “A tentative, yet unverified draft of the autonomy bill was posted online by mistake. The Budget Service apologizes to the press and users for the inconvenience caused.’

Source: IL Tempo