Autonomy, the case of the Senate seen by La Russa: “Without hand or censorship”

Ignazio La Russa tries to clarify Autonomy. The president of the Senate and member of the Brothers of Italy was interviewed by Corriere della Sera, about the controversy over the publication of the note from the Budget Service of Palazzo Madama on the bill of differentiated autonomy thought up by Minister Roberto Calderoli: “There is no no ‘hand’. It was a pure mistake. There is no political background. It was a dossier like so many others that was published by mistake before he was dismissed from the offices. My only intervention came after the case came up and was to say that that dossier was not it should be taken down. It would be like sweeping the dust under the rug. Or, worse, making the censors scream. I suggested we simply tell the truth.”

“I spoke with the Minister of Regional Affairs and Autonomy of the Republic, Roberto Calderoli, who is very familiar with how dossiers are processed, having been vice-president of the Senate for a long time. I asked – still says the second secretary of state about the finalized post on Linkedin – to the top management of the secretariats for a complete report on the subject that I did not know before. Files are usually like this. They also always highlight the critical issues. They are never complimentary. They must not say ‘Oh, how beautiful this law is’. At the very least, when dealing with the Budget Service, I would expect more attention to the numbers than to other assessments. As far as I know – La Russa finally assures – there are internal conflicts within the government over the reforms. Or at least nobody told me about it. In fact, the idea I have is that there is a broad consensus in the government on the subject”. With all due respect to the opposition.

Source: IL Tempo