The Liberal Party has not yet defined a position on government reforms

Total support and decision on the bench, these were the main conclusions of the meeting of the director of the Liberal Party, former president César Gaviria, and the members of this group, both in the Chamber and the Senate.

The representative Carlos Felipe Quintero explained in dialogue with EL HERALDO that although the position they will take against the Petro government’s initiatives has not been determined, they support the decision of the leader of the red awnings.

“It was a very useful meeting, issues related to health, labor and pension reform were discussed, and we came to the conclusion that whatever is decided will be on the bench whether we support the initiatives or not. We maintain the same objections to the health reform and that is reflected in the votes of the Seventh Commission members,” said Congressman Quintero.

Faced with the possibility of declaring independence, the representative insisted that no decision has been made yet and there is no hurry as they still have time to analyze things properly.

“It was raised at the meeting, but no decision was made. Most of us agree to wait and think about what is best for Colombians and the party, we have until the other legislature to decide. We have always been ready to enter into a dialogue with the government, we never closed the door, the one who closed it was the same government at the end of the coalition,” he explained.

So there are 103 votes from governing parties, which is not enough for the approval of the reforms being discussed today. Between opposition and independents, there are 135, missing the 46 of the Liberal party, which still defines its position.

Source: El Heraldo