Antimafia chaos over Chiara Colosimo’s election: M5S and Pd leave the courtroom

Brothers of Italy MP Chiara Colosimo was elected as the chairman of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission with 29 votes against 4 choices going to Dafne Musolino. The Anti-Mafia Commission consists of 50 members. 34 deputies were present and took part in the vote, no one abstained, but the election of Chiara Colosimo sparked the backlash from representatives of Pd, M5S and Avs, who left the room in anger and indignation. It’s actually a date that starts a new animosity between the majority and the opposition. The centre-right then went straight to the parliamentary nomination, which remained at the center of some controversy after a ‘Report’ service. But the ‘stop’ sign came from the M5S, then before the Democratic Party voted: “If that’s the name – they’ve announced it – we will not participate in the vote”. Dem, Cinquestelle and Avs therefore left the room without voting.

Antimafia, Chiara Colosimo elected: opposition note

“These discussions about the chairmanship of the Anti-Mafia commission put the credibility and authority of a sensitive and important institution for our democracy at risk. Listen to Borsellino: they are the best interpreters of the values ​​of Justice existing in our society. The Anti-Mafia commission is a pillar of institutional commitment to legality in accordance with the principles enshrined in the Constitution. The commission’s actions are part of the history of investigative work against mafia. For M5S, therefore, it is essential that a figure be given to the presidency that interprets the spirit of the law on which we have established the new Commission. If the majority insists, M5S members of the Anti-Mafia Commission stated that the 5 Star Movement will not participate in the vote as an indication of total opposition to the upcoming election, regarding the name that has been circulating recently. .

“The Democratic Party called on the majority to change the name of Chiara Colosimo to the chairman of the commission, and “if this objection is not accepted, I think we will give a strong response by not voting”, then senator dem Walter Verini was waiting to enter the Palazzo San Macuto for the Commission meeting. , as chairman of the parliamentary Anti-Mafia commission, should have taken into account the concerns of the families of the victims of the massacres in Chiara Colosimo and put forward a different proposal. In these circumstances, it is important that the opposition collectively want more. “Corporate respect and therefore we will not participate in the vote to elect a president or president,” AVS sources said before the vote.

Source: Today IT