Emilia Romagna, bonus for paying rent for displaced people

Extension of the state of emergency to the Marche region and Tuscany, a contribution for families who need to look for accommodation while waiting to return to their homes, and financial help to pay for the funeral. These are just some of the new measures announced during the question period in the Chamber of Deputies by the Minister of Civil Protection and the Sea Nello Musumeci. But let’s look specifically at some of these measures that implement the Decree on Floods approved by the Council of Ministers. Since May 16, landslides and floods “also affected the neighboring areas of the Marche and Tuscany regions”, so the technical structure of the Department of Civil Protection, together with the regional Civil Protection structures, is assessing the impact situation. of the events “for the purpose of resolving the state of emergency in these two territories as well”.

Already on May 23, the Council of Ministers had approved the extension of the state of emergency to the city and province of Rimini, which in the first phase had only been marginally affected, an allocation of 20 million euros was foreseen. For families who were displaced because it was destroyed or seriously damaged, a contribution was made towards “self-contained accommodation”. Single-family households will receive support of 400 euros per month, for two-family households it is 500 euros, if instead there are three members the value rises to 700 euros, for families with four members it reaches 800 euros while for clusters of five or more people, a contribution of 900 euros is foreseen. Families in which there are people aged over 65 who are disabled or disabled, with a percentage of no less than 67%, will be entitled to an additional contribution of 200 euros per month for “each of the indicated subjects” even beyond the limit of 900 euros. Funeral expenses will be borne by the Commissioner’s management up to a limit of 1,500 euros for each victim. Question Time was an opportunity to take stock of damages and interventions. The number of displaced people has been updated to 23,000, 23 flooded rivers, in an area of ​​58 square kilometers, more than 300 landslides concentrated in 54 municipalities and 500 roads closed due to floods or landslides. There were also problems on some sections of the motorway, but the minister assured that they should be resolved shortly.

With regard to the railways, trains were canceled on some regional routes and speed reductions on national ones. Here too, however, Musumeci guaranteed that everything should be resolved by June. There are still 54,000 users without electricity, mobile telephony does not serve tens of thousands of users, while fixed telephony has 14,600 users without power. To respond to the emergency, more than 8,000 units are operating in the affected areas, currently 850 vehicles are employed, including 130 rubber dinghies, 2 amphibious vehicles for urgent technical rescue and earthmoving vehicles with water pumps for consolidating the slopes and restoration of the road system. Many volunteers: 300 from 16 national organizations and more than 750 technicians from regional mobile columns, from 12 regions and autonomous provinces. At these times, Civil Protection mobilized at local and national level and more than 1000 volunteers arrived.

Source: IL Tempo