Supermedia surveys, vertiginous numbers for the Brothers of Italy: 30% in the crosshairs

On the eve of the polls for the municipal elections, Supermedia shows a small repositioning of voters: in fact, both the Brothers of Italy (main center-right party in the government led by Giorgia Meloni) and the Democratic Party (main center-left party and opposition party, with Elly Schlein as its leader), both by around half a point over the last two weeks, while all other parties remain stable or retreat slightly.


FDI 29.3% (+0.4) PD 20.7% (+0.5) M5S 15.9% (-0.2) Lega 9.0% (-0.1) Forza Italia 6.8% (-0.1) Action 4.3% (=) Italia Viva 3.0% (=) Greens/Left 2.9% (=) +Europe 2.1% (-0.1) Italexit 2.1% (=) Popular Union 1.5% (+0.2) Us Moderates 1.0%


Center-right 46.2% (+0.5) Center-left 25.7% (+0.3) M5S 15.9% (-0.2) Third Pole 7.2% (-0.1) Italexit 2.1% (=) Others 2.9% (-0.5)

NB: Changes in square brackets indicate the Supermedia deviation from two weeks ago (May 11, 2023)

Supermedia Agi/YouTrend is a weighted average of national polls on voting intentions. Today’s weighting, which includes surveys carried out between May 11th and May 24th, was carried out on May 25th based on the sample size, creation date and data collection method. The surveys considered were carried out by the institutes Euromedia (date of publication: May 24), Noto (May 19), Piepoli (May 24), Quorum (May 22), SWG (May 15 and 22) and Tecnè ( May 13th and 20th). May).

Source: IL Tempo