The Danilo Toninelli show: “Politics is scumbag, one mandate is enough. Di Maio? Traitor, never heard from again”

Candid as always. “Di Maio represents the greatest betrayal of hope for political renewal in the last 10 years”. Danilo Toninelli, who is the guest of the first episode of the new season of La Confessione aired in Nove, talks about the former foreign minister with these words and analyzes the last years of the 5 Star Movement. “Two mandate rules? One is enough for me. Politics makes a mess”, he says firmly.

Speaking of former Infrastructure Minister Di Maio, he was the pioneer who said, “first of all, ‘make enough waste, anti-corruption law and parliamentarians’ “I imagine Luigi falling to the ground, falling from the high tower he had fallen from. He was a meter above the ground and at the last moment someone threw a lifejacket at him.”

“He had finished two terms as Gringino – he continues – and therefore for me, for the movement, and for the Italians he was surprisingly opposite of what he represented and represented – he still says about his former party partner – Sure, if you make such a turn, you are on the bales of the universe world . If I hear him again? And how am I going to do that? I pick up the phone to tell him ‘go to hell Luigi’ and hang up?”.

On the age-old theme of double mandate, Toninelli says, “One mandate is enough, given how things are going with a particular Di Maio and last in chronological order, with a particular Cancelleri. The worst animal in the world. it makes people worse. Especially unless you are a person like me who was born into a very poor family, where you know that the position you have is a means to meet your needs. you feel that the position you have is up to you, not you, other than the Palazzo, and your goal is – iterate – to renew the position and finally renewing the seat”.

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Source: Today IT